Hi, I'm looking for some advice in regards to setting up a non-profit sports club. All money received by the club would be put back in to benefit the members. Does anyone have any experience is setting up such clubs and what type of legal structure is best suited?

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Hi Sarajane,Most sport clubs

Hi Sarajane,

Most sport clubs are either unincorporated associations, limited companies or guarantee companies. The Irish Sports Council has a good guide to the pros and cons of each option:

It may also be a good idea to contact the national governing body for your particular sport to see if they recommend a structure, or if they could provide you with a sample constitution. You should also speak to your local sport partnership.

Here is The Wheel's guide to setting up a non-profit:

Best of luck!

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Hello Sarajane, My company

Hello Sarajane,

My company AscenTrust is a preferred partner of the Wheel  and we do the accounts for a number of non-profit organisations.  We also provide services to sports organisations such as golf clubs so we understand the issues on the financial side.  If you would like to explore this with me my email address is or our phone number is 01 2910986.  We cover the 26 counties.



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Hi Sarajane, This is a

Hi Sarajane,

This is a process I went through last year when setting up Ireland's only urban Irish speaking GAA Club Na Gaeil Óga. We have grown from modest beginnings of 1 team and struggling to field the minimum to 15 to now having over 100 members and 3 teams all in the space of 15 months. I would be glad to offer any advice. If you want to send any queries to

Le deá ghuí