Our Campaigns

Posted on 26 Jul 2018 Last updated on 24 Mar 2023

We work with our members to raise awareness of the challenges facing the sector and the changes needed for a thriving community, voluntary and charity sector.

We have campaigned on a variety of key areas over the last few years including representing the sector's challenges, and advocating for the solutions which are possible, in the Local and European Election 2019, Budget 2020, General Election 2020, in the Programme for Government negotiations and in Budget 2021. 

We also continually seek to raise awareness of the value of the work of the sector and the broad societal impact it has through campaigns such as #CommunityResponseIRL and through our annual Charity Impact Awards.  

In particular, we will be focusing on raising public awareness and understanding of the work, impact and societal value which charities, community and voluntary organizations and social enterprises bring to communities all over Ireland, as well as in an international context.  

We will be working with other leaders within the sector to progress on this important work and look forward to working with organisations across the entire charity, community and voluntary and social enterprise sector over the coming months.  

Explore Our Most Recent Campaigns

Below you can browse through an archive of our most recent campaigns, including content relating to The Wheel's various responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.