Posted on 2 Aug 2018 Last updated on 21 Sep 2020

As a result of our leadership position in Ireland’s community, voluntary and charity sector, we are tasked with delivering a range of programmes and projects that help people and organisations in our sector advance their causes in a practical way.

While being distinct from our regular ‘core’ work, many of these projects involve us assisting government and its agencies to achieve public policy objectives. As a charity, and therefore an organisation which works towards a public benefit, we are an ideally placed partner for any public body, agency or philanthropic institution.  

Additionally, our positioning within the sector as the largest representative and support body for charities, with a membership of over 1,300 organisations, coupled with our annual holding of over 180 courses and events nation-wide, means we have the reach, professionalism and delivery capacity to engage in partnerships with companies and business. 

The Wheel's projects, both current and past, can be viewed in the different categories as follows: