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Posted on 17 Jul 2018 Last updated on 1 Nov 2021

We are Ireland’s national association of community and voluntary organisations, charities and social enterprises. We are a registered charity in Ireland and are unique in our role as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for anything related to the charity and nonprofit sector. 

Our Vision

We want to see a thriving community and voluntary sector at the heart of a fair and just Ireland.

Our Members

Inspired and empowered by our members, we represent, support and connect nonprofit organisations, from the smallest community and voluntary groups to the largest charities and social enterprises.

We are here to help our members make a bigger difference.

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Our Work

Our simple but ambitious mission is to strengthen the capacity and capability of community and voluntary organisations, charities and social enterprises to play their part in changing Ireland for the better. We champion the sector by being its representative voice and we provide practical advice and training to help organisations be more impactful. Our core work programmes are:

  1. Public Policy and Advocacy Programme: we represent the sector’s interests to build public support and to secure the optimum legislative, policy and regulatory environment for community and voluntary action. 
  2. Networking Programme: we facilitate the building of, and support for networks of people across the sector with common interests, and create opportunities for networking across traditional boundaries. 
  3. Training and Development Programme: we make a wide range of affordable unaccredited and accredited training available to organisations and individuals in the sector and promote the highest standards in the paid and unpaid work that is done within the organisations in the sector. 
  4. Information Services Programme: we provide an enormous range of information and advice tailored to the practical needs of people working in charities, community and voluntary organisations and social enterprises. 

What we Believe

  • We are driven by our vision of a thriving community and voluntary sector at the heart of a fair and just Ireland.
  • We value participation, inclusion and collaboration as a means to deliver this shared vision.
  • We champion active citizenship.
  • We believe in the power of community, voluntary and charity, organisations to transform lives.
  • We value transparency, accountability and high standards of practice and governance within our membership and the sector because they increase the impact of our work.

OuR Values

Our Impact

We champion the voluntary sector and work to see the following impact:

  • Community, voluntary and charitable (CVC) organisations are sensitively regulated, adequately resourced and supported and appropriately recognised and valued – for the contribution they make to achieving a fair, just and more equal society.
  • CVC organisations are widely trusted, open and accountable.
  • CVC organisations are well led, governed and managed.
  • CVC organisations are understood as engines of active citizenship by the public, policy-makers and within the sector.
  • As a result of having a diverse, actively engaged and growing membership, The Wheel continues to be a strong, inclusive and influential voice for the sector.

Read more about The Wheel's role in Irish life over the last 20 years.


The Wheel's Strategy
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The Wheel's Logic Model   
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How We Measure Our Progress

At its very core, our work involves communicating and influencing, generating information, creating knowledge, and modelling best practice. Our approach to measuring our impact is to review and analyse our contributions to:

  • the body of knowledge that is available to and about our sector;
  • changes in thinking and attitudes within and about our sector;
  • changes and improvements in practice within and in relation to our sector.

Read about our impact here. You can also learn more about The History of The Wheel here.

Our Governance 

Our board of directors of twelve people is responsible for overseeing our strategic direction. It is responsible for our governance. All of our Board members including the Chairperson are volunteers giving their time, skills and expertise to help advance our mission. Meet The Wheel’s Board of Directors or visit our Governance & Finances section.

We are established as a company limited by guarantee (CLG) with the formal legal name ‘Rotha’ (which is Irish for ‘wheel’). Our company number is: 3022822. Our registered charity number is 20040963. Our charity-tax-exemption number from the Revenue Commissions is CHY 13288.

We have been fully compliant with the Governance Code for Community, Voluntary & Charitable Organisations since June 2014.

Funding and Finances

The Wheel is funded through a mixture of membership subscriptions, grants, contracts and earned income. Our finances are outlined in our audited annual accounts and explained in our annual director’s reports.

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Supporting Sustainable Communities

The Wheel believes that charities, community and voluntary organisations and social enterprises have a critical role to play in helping Ireland to meet its commitments as signatories to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  We are engaged in a number of projects to promote the SDGs, and we are members of Coalition 2030, an alliance of over 60 civil society organisations working together to ensure Ireland keeps its promise to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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