Fundingpoint for Councils & PPNs

As anyone employed by a County or Town Council or affiliated with a PPN is undoubtedly aware, local community and voluntary groups are facing a critical funding shortage. The demand for their services continues to escalate, yet funding cuts have become prevalent across various sectors.

The Fundingpoint Local Digest aims to ease the strain on local authorities and PPNs by assisting these groups in securing essential funding. Leveraging a robust foundation of funding research, Fundingpoint offers comprehensive information to local nonprofit organisations, highlighting alternative funding opportunities they can explore.

What You Get

  • 6 issues of the Fundingpoint Local Digest tailored to your local authority, detailing local, national and EU/international funding opportunities applicable to Irish nonprofits. 

    See Sample Here
  • Grant data will include: grant summary, external links and associated deadlines.
  • Access to The Wheel’s funding helpdesk where the team will provide timely and expert fundraising advice and assistance to all organisations in your local authority area via email or phone.
  • Annual Subscription to the Fundingpoint database with full login details for the local authority (not for external usage). 

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The Fundingpoint Local Digest draws on the Fundingpoint database of funding grants for Irish nonprofits, to deliver fresh funding opportunities to local nonprofits.

Launched in 2008, Fundingpoint is Ireland's largest and most comprehensive resource for funding opportunities. The founding principle of Fundingpoint was - and remains - straightforward: to put new and ongoing funding opportunities at your fingertips when it matters most.

Fundingpoint is a service of The Wheel, Ireland's National Association of Community and Voluntary Organisations, Charities and Social Enterprises.


The cost for the Fundingpoint Local Digest package is 950 euro.

Please contact us to discuss any of the above options: | (01) 454 8727.