Transparency at The Wheel: Governance & Finances

Posted on 18 Jul 2018 Last updated on 11 Apr 2022

In The Wheel, we are committed to maximising transparency and demonstrating clear accountability in how we do our work.

As a result, we have adopted in full a range of ‘good practice’ standards:  During 2020 we ensured full compliance with the Charities Regulator's Charities Governance Code; the Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) for our annual reporting and all of the guidelines and recommendations for charities published by the Charities Regulator

This website is one of our primary channels for delivering transparency in how we do our work and we encourage anyone with ideas for improvements to contact our colleague Tony Ward at

In order to make information about important things like finances and salaries as easy as possible to find, we provide the most pertinent points from the Director’s Report and the Audited Accounts from 2020 below.

In 2020, Rotha (trading as The Wheel) had an income of €2,345,864, an increase of just over 25% on the 2019 income of €1,866,719. Our expenditure was €1,898,472, just over 2.6% higher than 2019 expenditure of €1,850,070. 


Financial performance and income diversification

In 2020 both statutory and income from other public sources (EU) performed strongly, whereas earned income from membership, training delivery, and other projects were negatively impacted ty the Covid pandemic.

The main difference between income for 2020 of €2.346m and income in 2019 of €1.867m is the increased funding through the National Training Fund — an increase from €600,000 in 2019 to €900,000 in 2020. We also secured just over €100,000 from delivery of the Community Outreach Programme (community response to Covid) and the Government Stability Scheme for charities of €273,000.

Incoming Resources:

Restricted income:

  • Community and Voluntary Pillar Funding: €73,476
  • Scheme to Support National Organisations: €90,000
  • Gender Pay Gap: €4020
  • National Training Fund: €900,000
  • National Rural Network: €129,192
  • Spark Change: -€8,265
  • European Schools Ambassador Programme: €14,638
  • Europe for Citizens: €50,000
  • Access Europe: €81,000
  • Government Stability Scheme: €273,472
  • Charity Trustee Training: €29,525
  • DAF - Social Enterprise Training: €46,714
  • Other European Union: €22,553
  • Charity Impact Awards Grant from DRCD: €5,000
  • Community Outreach Programme: €100,759
  • Medtronic Covid Sector Supports: €50,339

    Total: €1,862,423

Unrestricted income:

  • Membership: €276,407
  • VAT Compensation Scheme: €3,127
  • Unrestricted donations: €11,159
  • Other trading activity: €30,056
  • Training and other Unrestricted charitable activity: €162,692

    Total: €483,441

Total income for 2020: €2,345,864

Please see Note 4 on Page 51 of Audited Accounts 2020 for detailed breakdown of income.


The major elements of expenditure in 2020, as with previous years, were staffing costs related to:

  • Member services, training, information provision, research, and advocacy for the sector; and
  • The implementation of the National Training Fund co-funded Sector Skills programme of specific training and skills building.

Please see Note 5 on Page 52 of Audited Accounts 2020 for detailed breakdown of expenditure.

Total expenditure for 2020: €1,898,472

The full results for the year are set out in the Statement of Financial Activities.

Download 2020 Accounts


The average number of persons employed by The Wheel in 2020 was 20.

5 senior employees earned remuneration (salaries and any benefits in kind, excluding employers pension costs) in excess of €60,000 as follows:

  • €60,000 - €70,000: 2 members of staff
  • €70,001 - €80,000: 2 members of staff
  • €80,001 - €90,000: n/a
  • €90,001 - €100,000: 1 member of staff.

Senior management comprised of the CEO, Director of Public Policy, Director of Programmes, Director of Business Development and Director of Finance.

The Chief Executive Officer was the highest earning employee and the remuneration package was comprised as follows:

  • Gross salary: €91,116
  • Benefit in kind (income protection plan): €1,200
  • Employers pension contribution: €5,476

    Total package: €97,792

Directors Remuneration

The directors gave their services free of charge and are not compensated for their work. The Wheel operates a policy of reimbursing directors and sub-group members for out of pocket expenses and is grateful to a number of member organisations who actually cover directors and sub-group members out of pocket expenses (detailed in our full accounts).

Please see Note 7 on Pages 53 & 54 of Audited Accounts 2020 for more information on salaries and remuneration.

See also: The Wheel's Remuneration Policy.

The Wheel has a staff team based in an office in Dublin, and headed by a Chief Executive Officer who reports directly to the board through the Chairperson. A senior management team of four reports to the Chief Executive and all other staff report to members of the senior management team.

Meet the Team


Decisions reserved for only the board of directors to make include:

  • The Company’s strategic plans and annual operating budgets;
  • Projects outside the scope of the strategic plan;
  • Business acquisitions and disposals;
  • Decisions on Litigation;
  • Appointment/Removal of Subgroup Chairs and Members;
  • Appointment/Removal of Chief Executive Officer;
  • Appointment/Removal of Auditors;
  • Approval of Borrowing/Finance Facilities;
  • Approval of Contracts with term exceeding one year or financial liability on The Wheel exceeding €60,000;
  • Annual Review of Risk and Internal Control;
  • Approval of new staff positions at director level;
  • Approval of changes to membership categories or rates.

Further Documentation

Feedback to the Board

The Wheel is eager to strengthen and develop channels of accountability between our members and the Board. To that end, we have a special Membership-Board Accountability Process, which includes the following:

The board, through the CEO and Director of Public Policy, will regularly report to members about progress being made in implementing The Wheel’s strategy.

Members will are invited to provide their feedback directly to the Board (via a dedicated email address: and at our member forums across the country). Feedback and comments received by the board will be recorded and reviewed annually by the board.

The Importance of Collaboration

We place huge value on collaborative working in the Irish community and voluntary, charity and social enterprise sector.

We value collaborative working as a way of increasing the value and impact of our work and strengthening our sector.

Collaboration in Action

In 2020 we collaborated with a wide range of partners to influence policy and deliver programmes and services. Key amongst these were our wide range of national and EU-funded programmes, and our various engagements with the Charities Regulator.                                                                     

In addition to the snapshot above, you can read about our projects and collaborations below.

Our Collaborations

Privacy Policy

The Wheel is involved in a significant amount of communication with various stakeholders from across the Irish community and voluntary sector, as well as wider society. The purpose of our privacy policy in that regard is to be as open and transparent as we possibly can be about the types of information we collect and what we do with it. Our privacy policy has been revised and updated in accordance with GDPR requirements. 

Read Privacy Policy

Complaints Policy

The Wheel has a vigorous complaints policy, put in place for the purpose of upholding the standards and quality of the interaction of all representatives of The Wheel with our members, the general public and other stakeholders. 

We have designed our complaints policy to be as straightforward and efficient as possible, to ensure that any individual or organisation who may see fit to lodge a formal complaint that The Wheel takes their feedback and input seriously and in the spirit of full openness.

Read Complaints Policy