Final Thoughts

Well done, you now have the basics of your role as a Trustee.

If you’re interested in developing the governance practice in your organisation, below you’ll find some additional resources that may be of use. If you have any further questions or feedback please get in touch with Mairead O’Connor, The Wheel’s Training and Advice Coordinator,

The Charities Governance Code

The Charities Regulator launched the Charities Governance Code in late 2018. All charities are expected to implement the Code from 2020 onwards. Trustees should familiarise themselves with the Code and its requirements, along with the timeline for implementation and the supports available. You'll find the Code on the Charities Regulator's website here

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Training from The Wheel

The Wheel's Training Calendar contains regular governance sessions on the roles and responsibilities of trustees, the role of the company secretary, financial governance, data protection, risk, fundraising and HR. 

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Follow The Wheel’s blog for updates on the big issues affecting the sector. 

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Sustainable Communities Book

Sustainable Communities - A Governance Resource Book for Small Community & Voluntary Groups: a user-friendly handbook that we devised with the support of the Environmental Protection Agency, including guidance, worksheets, templates etc.

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The Wheel's weekly webinar series (each lasting 1 hour in duration) is free to members and often includes topics relevant to the work of charity trustees.

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