How to Recruit Fundraising Volunteers

The next time you are in charge of the team’s fundraising efforts, consider the following three tips for successful fundraising volunteer recruitment and retention.

Volunteers are important members of many fundraising teams, and often play a critical role in the overall success of your fundraiser. The following are a few tips to help you recruit volunteers to your fundraising team.

Top Tips

1. Invite, Don’t Push

You are working hard to support a meaningful and rewarding cause. You feel good about the work you’re doing and you want to share the joy of giving back with others. Remember that when you approach volunteers. Remember that you are inviting them to be a part of something great. Share your feelings with them and ask them to join you.

You’ll have more success recruiting volunteers by inviting them rather than pushing them into helping out, and the ones that you are able to recruit will likely share your passion for the cause.

2. Plan Your Tasks Before You Ask

People are more likely to volunteer if they have a clear idea of what you’re asking them to do. Divide your fundraiser into tasks and make a note of all tasks that require volunteer help. Take the list when you go recruiting and refer to it when asking volunteers. Say things like, “We need a few people to work on setup, and a few to supervise the event. Could you help out with one of those tasks?”

When you give people a clear understanding of the work involved, they’ll be more likely to sign on. Also, you’ll be assured that those who sign on will be up to the tasks at hand.

3. Be a Team Leader

Once you’ve recruited your volunteers, you want to keep them on board and keep them motivated. The best way to do this is to be an effective, well organized, energetic team leader. Let your enthusiasm show at all times, and be there to answer questions or offer support. You are who they will look to for guidance, so be prepared with a smile!

Get the Word Out There

There are several online resources on which you can post free adverts for volunteers, where you can expect your advert to be read by thousands of like-minded people interested in the work that Irish community and voluntary groups do.

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