Tips for Fundraising Post-Event Success

Okay, so you've just staged a successful fundraising event and you're very pleased with the number of people that attended and contributed to it.

But the work doesn't stop there - now that the event is over, it's time to swing into post-event action with the following recommended steps:

Give yourself a pat on the back

First off, you should congratulate yourself for a job well done - you put together a fun and successful fundraiser and you raised money for your charity. The sponsors are happy, the attendees feel fulfilled and the organisation has more funds for the cause. For the sponsors and the guests, the event is over – but not for you. 

Time to say thanks, thanks and thanks again!

You need to show your sponsors appreciation for their time and support. Having a sponsor backing your event always makes your life a little easier, so let them know that! Although we live a digital world where email is quick and easy, it is better to take the time to send a handwritten thank-you letter. It may seem old fashioned, but your sponsors will value that you have taken the time to personally thank them.

But don’t stop there! Next you should write personal thank you notes to the guests who purchased auction items or who donated money during the event.

Grow your database

The main purpose of the event was, of course, to raise much-needed funds for your charity. However, now that this has been successfully done, it is time to network and grow your contacts in anticipation of your next big fundraiser.

If guests enjoyed themselves and sponsors felt satisfied with how they were included/presented during the event, then you should immediately begin working on a strategy to attract them to the next one. You could start by sending a 'Save the Date' note to them all. You have a captive audience so don’t delay!

Keep communication flowing

The details - including dates, times and locations - for all your forthcoming fundraisers should have been announced at the event so that guests will have plenty of time to decide what to attend.

Promotion is an ongoing task - you need to keep your website up to date and packed with information on future events. Your website should also serve as a showcase for past events, featuring photos and inspiring reports of funds raised.

Email is obviously an efficient and cost-effective method of keeping your supporters informed about your future events too. Remember, you don't want to overwhelm them with too many emails, but carefully timed and well presented messages can help your supporters stay in the loop just when you need them most.

Generate media coverage

The success of your event was newsworthy - so make sure the local media know it!

Contact newspapers, broadcast, and online news and community websites and let them know how much you raised, the highlights of the event (did a celebrity attend?), key information and messages about the charity as well as the dates for any upcoming events. Make yourself available for interviews (for newspapers or radio/tv).

Your event matters and you need to make the media aware of this so the rest of the public is informed and more likely to attend the next event.