Resources for Schools, Students, Researchers & Individuals

Posted on 14 Jul 2018 Last updated on 11 Dec 2020

Fundingpoint does not generally cover funding opportunities for schools, students, researchers or individuals. Below however you can find some resources that may assist any of the above groups in their funding research.


Schools can often fall outside of the remit of many funders but not all. A limited number of grant-makers (statutory or private) will fund or offer support to schools, e.g. Léargas or Microsoft Ireland.

The main reason why schools are often not considered is that many funders specify that they cannot, or will not, fund the replacement of statutory expenditure. Companies however are often more open to making awards to schools and a number of trusts are prepared to fund work in schools with certain conditions.

Visit the School Days website for a list of fundraising ideas.

Visit the Business in the Community website for additional in-kind resources.


Students are advised to visit the the Susi website for funding information.

Further information is also available from the website.

Postgraduate / Researchers

Postgraduate students and researchers searching for funding should visit the following website to begin with:


Very few grants listed on Fundingpoint are applicable to individuals (as our focus is on community and voluntary organisations). We recommend individuals consult the following sources for possible assistance instead:

  • Elizabeth Finn Fund provide grants for Irish professionals who are now struggling to get by.
  • Information relating to Housing Aid for Older Persons; Mobility Aid Grants; House Adaptation Grants for People with a Disability; Warmer Homes Scheme;  and Senior Alerts, please visit the Citizens Information Board website for more information.
  • St. Vincent de Paul
  • Hospital Saturday Fund - will consider giving partial or full grants to individuals in Republic of Ireland.
  • Irish Hospice Foundation - Hardship Grants (This grant provides once-off financial assistance to individuals or families who are experiencing financial difficulties arising from life-threatening illness.)
  • Sustainable Energy Authority - Domestic Grants
  • Protestant Aid Grants - fund to relieve the horrors of poverty and deprivation in the Republic of Ireland on a strictly non-denominational basis. Find out more.
  • Cliona's Foundation - providing financial assistance for critically ill children. Find out more here.

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