Who To Contact

Posted on 15 Oct 2019 Last updated on 12 May 2020

You want to explore opportunities for funding for your organisation, but don’t know who to talk to!? It’s always easier to contact someone directly. 

We have collated contact details in Ireland, based on your area of work.

  1. Civil Society Projects and Town Twinning
  2. Culture and the Arts
  3. Education, Training, Youth and Sport
  4. Employment and Social Inclusion
  5. Environmentalism
  6. Health
  7. Human Rights
  8. Interregional
  9. International Aid, Development and Cooperation
  10. Research and Innovation
  11. Rural Development

Civil Society Projects and Town Twinning

Europe for Citizens Programme

The Europe for Citizens Programme promotes understanding between the Union and its citizens, funding activities carried out by a range of nonprofits and local authorities. 

The Wheel is the National Contact Point in Ireland for the programme..

Contact: Deirdre Finlay: deirdref@wheel.ie, or Lauren Carroll: lauren@wheel.ie.

Culture and the Arts

Creative Europe Culture

Creative Europe Culture funds transnational creative and artistic initiatives so partners are needed.

See the Irish Creative Europe website.

Contact: Katie Lowry cedculture@artscouncil.ie.

Creative Europe Media

Creative Europe Media is for film, animation, TV and documentary audiovisual projects, encouraging European engagement.

Dublin Contact: Orla Clancy: orla@creativeeuropeireland.eu.

Galway Contact: Eibhlín Ní Mhunghaile: eibhlin@creativeeuropeireland.eu.

Education, Training, Youth and Sport

Clann Credo Main

ERASMUS+ is the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport. It encourages European exchange, co-operation and learning.  

See this very handy guide. Leargas is the managing authority.  

Contact Lorraine Gilligan: lgilligan@leargas.ie

European Solidarity Corps

European Solidarity Corps supports you with finance to host a volunteer, trainee or employee aged 18-30 in your organisation, working on a solidarity project.

Contact Suzanne Kavanagh: skavanagh@leargas.ie.


Employment and Social Inclusion

European Social Fund

European Social Fund helps people get better jobs and ensures fairer job opportunities for all EU citizens.

Contact: nicola_finnegan@education.gov.ie.


LIFE programme

The LIFE programme supports environmental, nature conservation and climate action projects throughout the EU.

Contact: Dr. Ogla Grant olga.grant@DCCAE.gov.ie.


Health Programme

The EU’s Health Programme ensures health and healthcare. The Programme focuses on major Commission priorities.

Contact: KDugganWalls@hrb.ie.

Human Rights

Rights, Equality and Citizenship

Rights, Equality and Citizenship programme supports projects that fight discrimination and promote equality.

Contact: The programme is centralised in Brussels and there is no contact point in Ireland but you can sign up for an email on the programme here.


Justice involves projects covering judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters, judicial training, effective access to justice in Europe and drugs policy.

Contact: The programme is centralised in Brussels and there is no contact point in Ireland.

Asylum Migration and Integration

Asylum Migration and Integration fund supports projects that explore asylum and immigration across the Union.

Contact: Dept of Justice and Equality eufunds@justice.ie.


These funds allow for collaboration between Ireland’s neighbouring regions. You can become part of a consortium working to solve a problem, often including a Higher Education Institute, amongst others.

Ireland Wales Fund

Ireland Wales Fund Advice is available from the Southern Assembly office in Wexford. 

Contact: Breda Curran: bcurran@southernassembly.ie, or Samantha Richardson: srichardson@southernassembly.ie.

Interreg Northern Periphery Programme

Interreg Northern Periphery Programme covers a large geographical area (Scandaninavia, Ireland, Scotland etc). 

Contact: Brendan Mooney (pictured): bmooney@nwra.ie or Christopher Parker: christopher.parker@interreg-npa.eu.

Interreg VA

Interreg VA supports cooperation between eligible regions in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland around a range of issues from access to transport, health and social care services, environmental issues and enterprise development.

Contact: Declan.McGarrigle@seupb.ie.

Peace IV Programme

Peace IV Programme supports peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland and the border counties including Cavan, Donegal, Leitrim, Louth, Monaghan and Sligo.

Contact: paul.boylan@seupb.ie.

International Aid, Development and Cooperation

Europe Aid

Europe Aid runs various programmes that aim to reduce global poverty; ensure sustainable development; and promote democracy, peace and security.

Contact: submit your query via the centralised website.

Research and Innovation

Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 is the EU’s research and innovation programme. There are opportunities for community, voluntary and charitable organisations and social enterprises to partner with HEIs and industry in order to help solve society’s great challenges together in partnership. There is a large network of contact points in Ireland for the programme.

We recommend starting with: Marie Curie Skolowska Actions, supporting research to be carried out within your organisation. Contact mariecurie@iua.ie

Rural Development


LEADER provides grant support for rural development in the areas of Economic Development, Enterprise Development and Job Creation, social Inclusion and rural environment.

Contact: There is a Local Action Group in each county! See this interactive map for relevant contact details.