Securing Corporate Sponsorship

If you are specifically trying to secure corporate sponsorship, then have a look at Ten Tips on Developing a Fundraising Pack. Clearly having a solid and appealing presentation is of paramount importance and so this will help to get you started.

Next, read our guide to Applying to Corporate Grant-makers article, which also details some useful information on the best ways to approach companies and businesses when seeking sponsorship.

Who to approach?

While there are a lot of Irish companies that make their sponsorship/donation programmes public, there are many more who do not publish that information. It is advisable, particularly in these times of recession, to approach as many as possible (again, whilst employing a comprehensive communications strategy) so that you ensure the greatest return possible.

A good starting point for you would examine online lists of businesses that have a CSR-focus, such as the Business in the Community Ireland website. It is also a good idea to start by approaching your local businesses, along with the more obvious national companies. Also, you may stand a better chance of attracting the attention of a major sponsor should you be able to also tout a celebrity backer for your organisation.

In-kind donations

Sponsorship can come in many forms too: cash, restricted funding, in kind donations, etc. In kind donations/ sponsorship might be in the form of prizes for lotteries or discounted or free services.

Needless to say, getting the local media to promote the event/story is one good way to entice a local business into getting involved. So, it is really a question of making contacts with relevant parties in your area. Obviously, in order to do this, you should have a clear fundraising and associated marketing strategy prepared first of all. Also, you may think about identifying someone on your board or committee who might have these types of local business contacts (perhaps on a personal level).