Sustainable Development Goals

The description of ‘greening the voluntary sector’ is a short-hand for the focus of the projects in this section.

The Sustainable Development Goals are targets set by the global community – and signed up to by Ireland – for how we want to live as people, societies and countries. There are seventeen goals across societal, economic and environmental areas. In the Wheel we know that charities, community & voluntary groups and social enterprises, by their nature, are already working towards these goals, but perhaps may not be aware of this.   

The Wheel is engaged in a series of projects to highlight the importance of these goals:

The purpose of the Spark Change programme is to provide an evidence-base to show the added value of community participation towards meeting Ireland’s obligations in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals.

This project is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The ‘Living Better Using Less’ toolkit is a web-based resource to help build sustainable communities.

By starting first within our community/voluntary group, we can roll out our learnings to our family, community and area. This user-friendly toolkit show the way in a very practical sense.   

This project is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency.