External supervision is a term which refers to the provision of support for the professional practise of workers through a qualified and experienced professional in the field. This specialist does not work within the organisation and is therefore called an external supervisor.

External supervision is a valuable resource for all who work with people, and is essential for those who work in the helping professions.

 Deirdre Hennessy specializes in supervising staff within the Community, Youth, Social Care and Disability Sectors.

What are the benefits? In supervision, you will have a confidential, positive, and action focussed environment to explore and clarify your thinking, feelings and actions in relation to your work.

  • You will set the agenda: and your supervisor will facilitate the process within negotiated and agreed parameters. 

  • Through supervision, you will develop professionally, and enhance your competence in your role at work.

  • Supervision will support you to check your accountability: to yourself, your clients, you’re employing organisation and the community.

  • Supervision will help you to identify and manage day-to-day stress, and to develop a greater sense of well being and strength to meet the challenges in the workplace.

Client Feedback

External supervision has been very beneficial to the staff team and management of Traveller Family Care. It has helped the team to obtain support and guidance in relation to their work. It has been great in terms of team building, helping us to look at how we function as a team and to reflect on particular interventions used as part of our work. It has also helped us to refocus and move on, to see how we can engage in new options and to raise issues at management.”  Patricia Dowling Director of Services, Traveller Family Care Ltd.

Deirdre Hennessy Profile

Deirdre Hennessy (Bacc Phil, BD, Dip Social Care, Dip Women’s Studies, Dip Advanced Facilitation Skills, and Dip Coaching) has over twenty years experience within the Youth, Community, Social Care and Disability sectors.

She has lectured in UCC, Maynooth and Waterford Institute of Technology. She has provided training and support to a broad range of organisations within the Third Sector. She has delivered many external evaluations and strategic plans, and has worked  to develop  tailored responses to specific challenges faced by local, regional and national organisations.



Supervision feesare €60 per one hour session for individuals and €200 for two hour session for teams, both inclusive of travel and follow up email and telephone support.

Facilitation fees:

Half Day – from €250 to €350

Full Day – from € 400 to €650

Facilitation fees are inclusive of detailed planning, travel and resource costs, and follow up to support implementation of any agreed actions.

Contact Details:

 Ph 086-8539227