New Text Donation Service To Benefit Irish Charities

Likecharity, in partnership with Ireland’s five mobile operators, Vodafone, O2, Meteor, Three and Tesco Mobile, have launched a new text donation service that ensures that 100% of the money raised goes directly to the intended charity. This is the first time in Ireland that such a service has been offered and donors can

now send a simple text message to a new five digit short code (50300). The donation amount is added directly to the mobile customer’s phone bill and the donated funds are collected by likecharity who in turn send the donation to the nominated charity.
There are more than 800 charities in Ireland and over €500 million donated to them annually by the public. Approximately 22.7% of donations are currently received via online donations, internet appeals and direct debits, reflecting the growing use of online platforms to donate to charity. A number of leading charities in Ireland such as UNICEF, Focus Ireland and Concern have already signed up to likecharity and numerous other charities are also joining with likecharity for their upcoming fundraising campaigns.

"This valuable new service will be a lifeline to many good causes that are struggling to survive” - Deirdre Garvey, CEO of The Wheel

Speaking at the launch of the initiative in late 2012, Deirdre Garvey, CEO, The Wheel, a representative network for the community and voluntary sector in Ireland, said: “Likecharity is a breakthrough for Ireland’s non-profit sector. For the first time charities can offer their donors a 100% donation option on all of the mobile networks. This valuable new service will be a lifeline to many good causes that are struggling to survive because of funding cuts and falling incomes.”
Ambrose Duffy, Director of Public Fundraising, UNICEF Ireland, added, “Before likecharity most text donation campaigns were prohibitive with costs consuming much of the donation. The fact that we are now going to receive 100% of donations made via SMS is a huge boost to our organisation.”
Lisa Nicole Dunne, Director of Fundraising and Marketing, Focus Ireland said; “We have already used likecharity’s unique service for our ‘Key to a Home’ fundraising initiative. To date, the response has been great and we are delighted to be able to offer our donors a very simple way to give. It can’t get any easier than sending a simple text message to help someone in need.”
Richard Dixon, Director of Public Affairs, Concern Worldwide, said, “The Irish still give more to charities per person than any other country, despite the economic downturn. We are very excited donors can now give a gift in seconds using their mobile phone. We hope this will increase donations and enable charities to reach their fundraising targets.”
A spokesperson for the Irish mobile operators said: “A central part of our role in partnering on this wonderful initiative was to utilise all of our technology to help charities solve specific social issues."
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