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The Wheel publishes a range of electronic and printed publications, newsletters, bulletins and directories that offer regular, relevant, up to date information on news and developments within the community, voluntary and charity sector.

You can also download and read our Annual Reviews, Annual Accounts and Planning documents here.

Download Free Sustainable Communities Funding and Governance Handbooks

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has partnered with The Wheel to produce the Sustainable Communities  guidebooks series, providing up to date advice on funding and governance for community-led groups throughout Ireland.
Chock full of ideas and resources, both handbooks' tips and tools can be tailored to fit your needs and guide you towards sustainability.
You can download both guides by clicking on the relevant image below.

       Funding Guide (pdf)                    Governance Guide (pdf)



                                                                                                     Click here to download version                                                                                                                                              of templates from this guide.                                                 

Good Practice Guides

Our Solid Foundations series of good practice guides are now FREE to download! Members can also order printed copies (you only have to cover the postage). Email: Disclaimer: note that these guides are no longer updated, and consequently some of the information contained in them may be out of date. 

Financing Your Future

Fundraising Good Practice Guide

(1st edition)

An indispensable guide to the Irish fundraising landscape which provides a wealth of information about the latest and most innovative methods of income generation.

Fundraising areas covered include: understanding the importance of finance; income diversification; gifts; available grants; social enterprise and finance; statutory and private sector contracts; numerous case studies and additional resources.

Download as a free PDF (1.4MB)


 Financing Your Future Guide

Collaborate to Innovate

Collaboration Good Practice Guide 

(1st edition)

Partnerships, alliances, joint programming, mergers, joint ventures... whatever these new forms of strategic positioning may be known as, they are crucial for the sustainability and survival of many community and voluntary organisations in Ireland today.

This 52-page guide will steer you through the different forms that collaboration could take for your organisation and provide you with the practical tools you need to move forward.

Download as a free PDF (1MB)

 Collaborate to Innovate Guide

Knowing and Showing Your Outcomes and Impacts

Impact & Outcomes Good Practice Guide

(1st edition)

The Wheel developed this new good practice guide to help community and voluntary organisations to cultivate an outcomes-focused and impact-led approach to their work.

Download as a free PDF (1MB)

 Knowing and Showing Your Outcomes and Impacts Guide


Solid Foundations

Introductory Good Practice Guide 

(2nd edition)

The fully updated and revised 2nd edition of this popular guide  provides factual information and practical advice on how to manage organisations in line with good practice standards. It covers structure, governance, direction, accountability, resources and equality. 


 Solid Foundations Good Practice Guide


Getting to Grips With Governance

Governance Good Practice Guide

(2nd edition)

Whatever the governing board of a community / voluntary / charitable organisation is called, it plays a significant part in the success of the organisation. Membership of boards is not to be taken on without an understanding of what is involved.
Hardcopy currently not available.
Getting to grips with governance guide cover image


Reducing the Risk

Risk Management Good Practice Guide

(2nd edition)

Life is risky and community/voluntary/charitable organisations are not immune from risk. Risk can't be avoided, but can be anticipated and therefore planned for. By properly managing risk, the organisation can fulfil its potential and the negative effects of hazards can be reduced. If you've not already done so, now is the time to put in place risk management strategies that suit your organisation's needs.

Download as a free PDF (2MB)

Hardcopy currently not available.


Workplaces that Work

Human  Resources (HR) Good Practice Guide

(2nd edition)

Workplaces that Work is a good practice resource guide for managing human resources (HR) in a community/voluntary or charitable organisation.  By continuously striving for best practice and complying with rapidly changing employment law, your organisation can have a workplace that truly works, in every sense of the word. Implementing the guidance in this publication is one tangible step towards achieving this.

Download as a free PDF (2MB)


Workplaces that Work - a good practice guide for managing human resources



Research Reports

Civil Society and the European Parliament: Shaping Europe’s Future

Report based on The Wheel's Civil Society and the European Parliament: Shaping Europe’s Future project. Comprising of a series of events running from December 2016 until May 2017 with the intention of providing opportunities for civil society organisations in Ireland to engage with MEPs and European issues, the report looks at the activities and conclusions of the project.

Find out more / download (PDF)

Let's Commission for Communities (2016)

This report  identifies the societal value that the community Let's Commission for communities and voluntary approach delivers: the energy, endeavour and commitment displayed and the funds contributed. The report makes strong recommendations for the next government about what is needed if we want to continue to benefit from a thriving community and voluntary sector. 

Find out more / Download (PDF)

Feasibility Study: A new vision for citizenship for 21st Century Ireland

This feasibility study was carried out by The Wheel in partnership with the Carnegie UK Trust. The study looks at whether there is a need to reconceptualise citizenship in Ireland for the 21st Century and what a suitable process might be. 

Accessing EU Funds – 2015 to 2020

In January 2015, The Wheel commissioned a report into European Union funds, specifically to cover the period of 2015 to 2020. The report was to focus on the operation of relevant EU programmes and the specific funding opportunities they might present to Irish non-profits in particular.

The research and report was carried out by Professor Hugh Quigley, currently a visiting Professor on EU regulatory affairs at the University of Ulster.

Topics covered by this in-depth document include, EU policy and financial context, the capacity to access EU funds, and the EU funds with the most potential.

Download the full report here. (PDF)

A Portrait Of Ireland's Nonprofit Sector (2014)

Nonprofit organisations play a crucial role in Ireland’s social and economic life. Yet, for all their significance in providing essential services and supporting communities, we know relatively little about the day to day challenges faced by these organisations. This report is the first in a series that The Wheel will publish over the coming months for the purpose of informing policy makers, academics, funders, nonprofit organisations and all interested stakeholders, including the public and the media, of the needs of the Irish community and voluntary sector.

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An Exploration of the Gender Pay Gap for Managers in Voluntary, Community & Charitable Organisations

March 2018

Pay and Benefits Survey

The 3rd edition of the National Guide to Pay and Benefits in Community, Voluntary and Charitable organisations in Ireland, published in 2017.

Download here (PDF)

The 2nd edition of the National Guide to Pay and Benefits in Community, Voluntary and Charitable organisations in Ireland, published in 2015.

Download here (PDF)

Briefing note for anyone comparing the 2015 and 2017 pay rates in the above survey reports.

Download here (PDF)

The 1st edition was launched in 2008 by The Wheel. 

Download here (PDF)


Training Solutions for the Community and Voluntary Sector in Ireland

Research report on the training needs of the community and voluntary sector in Ireland (June 2005).  

Download PDF | 538 KB

Training Solutions: An International Perspective On Training Provision For The Community and Voluntary Sector

Research report on how other countries resource and structure the training needs of the community and voluntary sector. (May 2005). 

Download PDF | 248 KB

Sector Skills: A Celebration of Success

Review of the pilot phase of the ‘Sector Skills’ suite of training programmes funded by the National Training Fund, 2005–2007.

Sector Skills Executive Overview

Executive summary of the independent evaluation report of the ‘Sector Skills’ suite of training programmes funded by the National Training Fund from 2005 – 2007.

Insurance & The Third Sector

Report on research carried out by The Wheel on the topic of insurance within the Community and Voluntary sector.  

Governance in Practice 

Report from The Wheel's 2006 series of conferences run in partnership with Boardmatch Ireland. 


Fact Sheets

Policy Position Paper


Claiming Our Future Legacy Resources

Established in 2010, Claiming Our Future was a national broad based non-party-political network. It comprised of individuals and organizations from a range of civil society sectors including, in particular, the community, environmental, global justice, cultural and trade union sectors. 
The aim of Claiming Our Future was to promote and make real the values of equality, environmental sustainability, participation, accountability and solidarity.
Claiming Our Future wound down in late 2016. However, the organisation first captured all that had been learned over the past 6 years in the form of 7 pamphlets, covering topics such as Economic Equality and The Art of Campaigning. All 7 pamphlets are now available to download via the following link.