Webinar Series: Charting the Course - Exploring the Future Path of Hybrid Working as We Approach 2025


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Webinar Series: Charting the Course - Exploring the Future Path of Hybrid Working as We Approach 2025

This webinar will explore the current state of hybrid work and its impact on businesses and employees. We'll then delve into a number of potential future scenarios for how hybrid work might evolve, and provide you with key takeaways to help you navigate this changing landscape.

A sneak preview of what we are working on for 2025… AI and Sustainability!

Here are some of the key learnings you'll gain:

  • Leverage the lessons learned from the past two years of hybrid work to inform your future strategies
  • Explore the latest trends in hybrid work technology and how it can support a more effective and collaborative work environment 
  • Identify best practices for building successful hybrid teams
  • Learn how to measure the success of your hybrid work model and make adjustments as needed to optimise performance.

By attending this webinar, you'll gain valuable insights to help you prepare your organisation for the future of hybrid work.

To book onto other webinars in this series please see the links below:   

Navigating Hybrid Work Realities: Unpacking the Consequences of Inconsistent Trust across an organisation (Complete) - 16/02/2024

Unveiling the Impact: Consequences of Low Emotional Intelligence within the Hybrid Workplace (Complete)- 5/04/2024

Elevating Wellbeing: A Deep Dive into How Organisations Impact Mental Health in the Hybrid Work Landscape (Complete) - 7/06/2024

Cultural Challenges in Post-Pandemic Hybrid Working Organisations: Unpacking the Deterioration Factors - 6/09/2024

Navigating Change: Anticipating Consequences in the Evolution of Hybrid Working in 2024 - 25/10/2024 

Charting the Course: Exploring the Future Path of Hybrid Working as We Approach 2025 - 6/12/2024

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  • You can book places for yourself and/or colleagues by clicking the button below.  
  • This event will take place on Zoom.  
  • Closed Captions can be enabled by participants.   
  • Please email matthew@wheel.ie if you have any special requirements.   

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Meet Your Facilitator


Dermot Dennehy has worked remotely and managed remote teams over many years. His company, Manage Remote Teams trains companies and charities across the UK, EU and the US, delivering experience-driven live online courses that are lauded by the clients we work with. Those senior leadership teams recognise that the route to successfully thriving as a full or partially remote business is to upskill their middle managers and employees in the art of operating remotely.


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Who should attend

Any CEO or HR leader who is operating a remote/hybrid organisation or planning to do so.