Make your own social network in a flash - for free!

Obviously, people can invite other network members to be their "friend", which is a signature of a social network and can then send internal messages to their friends, e.g. alerting them to a new video upload or blog post.

Administrators have extra facilities such as the addition or removal of features and functions such as the audio, video and photo modules.  The interface is a simple and intuitive drag and drop function.

And the best part is, all of this is absolutely free!
By default, your shiny new Ning network will have a box on the right of the screen which contains Google ads, which quickly become relevant to the content on your pages.  The creator of the network can choose to remove these ads by purchasing one or more "premium services", which cover the removal of ads, reference to Ning itself, the use of your own domain name and extra storage space, for if you have a big network or lots of video.

So why use Ning?
Ning represents a way to communicate with your colleagues and supporters in an easy and fun way, with minimal setup time and little to no cost.  Where a social network differs from a "standard model" website is that using a social network allows you to have conversations with your audience and connect people interactively, rather than simply presenting information to an audience with no feedback.

Sure, you could use Facebook, but wouldn't it be nice to have your own private space, populated by your people and dedicated to your own mission/topic of choice?

Ning.  Create your own social network for anything.