Free COVID-19 Register Project

Posted on 14 Oct 2020

Sports clubs and other organised activities across many disciplines have been impacted severely by the COVID-19 pandemic. Most have been shuttered since the outbreak to lessen spread of infection, but preparations are being made to re-open again gradually once level 3 restrictions are lifted.  

Under the guidance of National Authorities, clubs and facilities which are re-opening will have to put in place Pre-registration for attendees, with a COVID-19 self-screening submission for every session attended as part of a safe-return-to-training protocol.

With some time on our hands recently, SUBSNINJA* have been working on a digital service to make it easier for clubs and community facilities to address this requirement efficiently and safely as well as providing contact tracing assistance in the event of a notified infection.

They are happy to announce that this service is now up and running at "C19REGISTER.COM" and is totally free to use.

If you have anyone visiting your premises and you need a COVID-19 Self-screening form, a daily Pre-registration list and an attendance record database for your website, then this service may be of use.


SUBSNINJA is a provider of ultra low cost, GDPR compliant, Membership Management & Billing Software for small clubs and voluntary organisations in local communities. Visit SUBSNINJA.COM for more details.