Training Links Programme, 2018 - 2019

Posted on 31 Jul 2018

The 2020 - 2022 Training Links programme opens for applications on 4 August 2020. Applications close at 5pm on Friday 30 September 2020.

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The Training Links Programme, 2018 - 2019 received 48 applications in total, of which 45 were eligible.

All of these applications were excellent and it was a very difficult process for the independent selection panel to narrow this extraordinary field down.

However, following a robust selection process, these are the 8 successful applications  for the 2018 - 2019 programme:


Lead Organisations

South East Regional Reflective Practice & Organisational Learning Network Social and Health Education Project
Comhlamh Code of Good Practice Signatory Network Comhlamh
Community-based Cancer Support Centres Network Irish Cancer Society
Women’s Learning, Participation and Action Network National Women’s Council
Upsource Dublin Dance Festival
Traveller Health Training Network Pavee Point
Climate Campaigners Building Programme Friends of the Earth
Parent Hub Donegal Raphoe Springboard Family Support

Since 2009, The Wheel’s Training Links Programme has had a unique position in Ireland in supporting and promoting training and upskilling of employees, volunteers, board members, and recruits throughout charity, community and voluntary sector organisations, helping to meet needs and requirements in training and upskilling for employment opportunities and related support structures.

As part of The Wheel’s strategic objectives and key actions for the 2018-2019 period, continued access for the sector and it’s organisations to funding for training and upskilling, is at the core of those objectives.  

The successful Training Networks will be substantially funded by The Wheel (i.e. to a maximum of 80% of total budget costs). Funding comes from the National Training Fund and is available over the period of the programme to develop and implement strategic, innovative and cost-effective training and development solutions for its members, which they would be not be in a position to undertake as effectively on their own. 

In addition to the provision of substantial financial subsidies to the Training Networks - directed at training provision - this programme provides much-needed opportunities for sectoral co-operation and shared learning. 

A Training Network is a group of community and voluntary sector organisations that are independently run and governed and who decide to come together to co-operate as a group in order to undertake training that they may not be able to do individually.   

  • The Training network identifies a Network Coordinator (most likely, but not necessarily, a person associated with the Lead Organisation) to co-ordinate network activities and have overall responsibility for the project.
  • The Lead Organisation is the main applicant for the Training Links funding.  It will have overall responsibility for meeting the Training Links Network objectives, co-ordination of network activities for the member organisations listed in the application document, monitoring of progress and targets, and evaluation of all training delivered.  It also holds accountability for all funding received and associated reporting to The Wheel.
  • The Training Network’s member organisations share in the decision-making, design and implementation of training (i.e. training developed by the network members for the network members). This is facilitated through the establishment of the Network Committee to oversee the work of the Network and to guide and support the work of the Network Coordinator.
  • The member organisations of the Training Network must be stand-alone organisations, independently run and governed.  The full network cannot purely be branches of an organisation. A minimum of ten members is required for eligibility. There is no maximum number of organisations that can be members of a Training Network; however, the network must be a manageable size for the Network Coordinator.
  • Training Networks may be from the same town or area (regional); may be involved in similar activities (sectoral); or may all be involved in a specific subject (theme).
  • Training Networks considered for this programme can be existing networks within the community and voluntary sector or new networks developed to take part in this programme.

The Training Links programme 2018 – 2019 has the following objectives:

  • To promote increased participation in training and up-skilling activities in order to build skills, improve adaptability and long-term employability of those currently working and those hoping to work in the sector.
  • To promote and support a cohesive and organisational-led approach to training and learning especially within small and medium organisations, enabling increased awareness of and access to training options through the establishment of Training Networks across the sector.
  • To promote and encourage collaboration within and between networks of members so that ideas, initiatives and best practice in training and development can be identified and shared, resulting in cost-effective and innovative solutions to joint training needs.
  • To facilitate the provision of quality customised training by supporting the development of new, or innovative, or flexible training methodologies, in order to deliver more relevant, effective, efficient and user-friendly training solutions.