Responding to COVID-19

Posted on 18 Mar 2020 Last updated on 1 Apr 2020

With the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Ireland, we are facing a challenge that is unprecedented in modern history. It is also fair to say, however, that we as a people are rising to that challenge and working together as we attempt to stem the worst of this crisis.

To help you with some practicalities and to keep you informed of the evolving situation, we have compiled this information page. Geared towards Irish community and voluntary organisations, charities, and social enterprises, this page will be updated daily as developments occur.

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Webinars / Online Training

We will be expanding our webinars / online training options over the coming days and weeks, to help our members and the wider sector to stay informed and to function as best as possible in the current circumstances. To view scheduled webinars, please go to our Training Calendar here and click on the Webinar button.

In-person Events

We are postponing our in-person training events until further notice. We will review the situation on an ongoing basis, and will rely on official guidelines at all points.

Please email Sinead Vaughan if you need further information:  


We created the hashtag #CommunityResponseIRL to enable us to highlight and share important updates, calls to action and practical information coming from communities across the country.

We encourage all of you to start tweeting and sharing your stories of resilience and cooperation using the #CommunityResponseIRL hashtag. We will acknowledge each and every instance we are made aware of, and will help your positive news reach as wide an audience as possible.