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Posted on 25 May 2020 Last updated on 3 Mar 2021
C19 Election

We have launched our #PutCommunityFirst campaign to mobilise our members to collectively shine a light on the key policy issues which must be prioritised in the next Programme for Government. It is more important than ever that we put community supports, and all those who rely on them, first.


In order to put communities first - it is imperative that a senior Minister and Department for the Community and Voluntary Sector is retained. This ministry occupies a seat at the cabinet table which recognises, values, and prioritises the work of the thousands of charities, community and voluntary organisation, and social enterprises who have served as the backbone of the country throughout the COVID-19 crisis. 

Now, as we move in to recovery, it is vitally important that these organisations are supported and resourced to continue this work, providing supports and services for our most vulnerable of people. This is not the time to de-prioritse the community and voluntary sector, it is the time to do the opposite and #PutCommunityFirst.

Take Action Today!

We want you to contact your local TD and re-iterate how important it is that the sector is supported, in order to support vulnerable people, throughout the next Programme for Government. In particular, make sure your local TD knows about the incredible work that your charity, community and voluntary organisation, or social enterprise has done to support people through the COVID-19 crisis. 

Contact Your Local TD

Remember, 79 TD's elected on 8 Feb signed our Stronger Communities, Stronger Ireland manifesto. We must ensure this commitment is followed through in Programme for Government negotiations. See who signed here.

We welcome the fact that the Draft Programme for Government: Our Shared Future contains commitments to: 

Read our full summary of the main points of interest to charities, community and voluntary groups, and social enterprises.

Our General Election Manifesto

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