Cost of Insurance

Posted on 11 Oct 2018 Last updated on 19 Feb 2019

The cost of insurance premiums has reached crisis point for many members of The Wheel and we are working hard as members of the Alliance for Insurance Reform to keep pressure on Government to address this key issue.

Many members have seen insurance premiums for employer and public liability insurance increase by up to 400% in recent years, with some members having to close services because they cannot pay the premiums. The Alliance has drawn serious focus onto the issue of insurance costs at Government level. In the last few weeks, meetings with the Minister responsible for insurance Michael D'Arcy and Minister for Business Enterprise and Innovation Heather Humphreys, as well as several members featuring prominently in a Prime Time Report have piled additional pressure on key policy makers.

Additionally the launch of the Personal Injuries Commission final report, which we have broadly welcomed, has injected a sense of urgency into the debate. There are now several key pieces of legislation, amendments or ministerial orders waiting to be processed and much of the work the Alliance will be doing this winter on behalf of members of The Wheel will be in ensuring these key pieces of reform are signed off.

If you would like to join The Wheel’s Cost of Insurance Working Group please email