The Wheel’s European Advocacy

The Wheel strives to ensure that the needs of the sector are heard and understood at a European level.

We do this through our work on active citizenship projects that promote better dissemination of information on European issues and the bringing together of civil society with European decision makers. You can visit our EU project page to read more about The Wheel’s European Parliament funded active citizenship projects.

We also advocate to European decision-makers on behalf of the sector around key issues that have been identified through our projects as barriers to civil society groups participating fully in European democracy and programmes. Our stance is outlined in our Position Paper on the Community and Voluntary Sector and the Future of Europe

In order to showcase best practice around European participation and development among our members, and to drive the priorities outlined in our Position Paper, The Wheel is also establishing a Network for European Project Managers. This network will serve as a model to other organisations beginning their European development journey and will be a vital resource for European project managers to exchange best practice with one another, build their capacity, and maximise the impact of their projects. It will become a strong and cohesive voice for our sector on the European issues affecting us and how we can help to shape a better future for Europe.

At the Wheel, we believe it is vital now more than ever to establish a strong culture of European participation in our sector. Brexit, the refugee crisis, and a new financial framework are just a few pressing matters facing a Union that is changing rapidly. To safeguard our interests, it is important to come together and make our voices heard.

While there are many difficult things that we and the other EU Member States must learn to navigate in the coming years, there are also many opportunities. Post-Brexit, Ireland will be the main English speaking country in the European Union and therefore lucrative project partners. We have a chance to learn from and share with our European neighbours and to establish Ireland as an excellent and innovative place for European cooperation.

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