Worried /Stressed -Online Support

Posted on 21 Mar 2020

Worried /Stressed -Online Support

Feeling over-burdened

No safe place to share

Alone and worried

No Joy

Regular Therapy

Can provide Relief

Contact Mick Price

087 2889554

Mick is a Group Analytic Psychotherapist, Training Analyst and Supervisor accredited with I.G.A.S. /I.C.P. Mick is, also, an accredited addiction counsellor with A.C.I. and has over 30 years’ experience working with groups, specialising in Addiction, Relapse and Concerned persons work. He works with organisations around change management, governance issues, succession and strategic planning. He currently chairs the Board of MQI. Mick previously chaired the Board of Aiseiri for many years and he also ran a wide range of groups on a voluntary basis for this centre for over 20 years. He has worked for over 35 years in a broad range of senior roles in the financial services sector.