Unmanifesting the Past from the Future in dealing with Change and Conflict. - Free Zoom Webinar, 27 June

Posted on 18 Jun 2024

Unmanifesting the Past from the Future in dealing with Change and Conflict.

Free Zoom Webinar, Tuesday 27 June 7.00 – 8.30pm.

Perhaps one of the buzz words of the 21st Century.
Yesterday’s Cosmic Ordering is tomorrow’s Manifesting.
The Art and / or Science of getting the Universe to give you what you want – more love, happiness, joy, sex, power, wealth, status, followers, likes, you name it.
The New Age Economics of Getting more whilst Giving less.


Or maybe not.

Successful and Sustainable relationships focus more on giving what you do have rather than trying to get what you don’t have.

When parties focus on getting rather than giving in relationships then that is when problems and conflicts begin to Manifest. 

Then the more we focus on the problem and the causes of the problem (usually the other party not giving enough or the right kind of giving whether that be “stuff” or simply giving in) then the more the problem Manifests.

So clearly not all Manifesting is good.

Therefore we need to find ways to Unmanifest problems when they occur rather than escalating the conflict by more Manifesting of the wrong kind.

World so called leaders please take note!

Violence is never a solution to violence as it simply Manifests more violence.

Peace however might be.

On this Free Zoom Webinar we shall be looking at some simple yet powerful techniques for changing the energy and focus in conflict by Unmanifesting.

Who knows, maybe by the end of the Webinar you might be a master magician and get admitted to The Magic Circle with your:

Now you see me, now you don’t – newfound ability to make problems disappear as Tommy Cooper used to say – Just like that!

Let’s hope so.

If you look at the problem too much you start to look like it!

If you keep looking at it eventually you start to become a part of it.

And if you ignore all the warnings and continue to look at the problem before you know it – you are the problem!

I knew it was you not me! 

Unmanifest thyself and set the future free!

All are welcome and hopefully it will be an interesting and revealing experience together with some light bulb moments along the way.

Facilitator: Tony Kearney

Tony grew up in New Zealand where he trained as a solicitor. He then worked as a solicitor in London for over 20 years before moving to Ireland in 2006 to further his work around building sustainable relationships into the future. This includes planting a forest on the farm where he now lives and acting as a Mediator in workplace, community, schools, family, and commercial disputes. He also runs training and other events and is the author of five books.

To register for this Webinar or find out more email Tony at: tony.kearney6@gmail.com