TENI Training for Nonprofits

Posted on 27 Jun 2024

Transgender Equality Network Ireland, TENI, are developing a number of training sessions on transgender issues, aimed at Civil Society organisations. 

Six topics are planned to be delivered throughout the remainder of 2024 and each of these 6 will take place on 4 different dates (so 24 sessions total) - the choice of dates should hopefully make this accessible to as many groups as possible.

The first 3 of these topics are ready to go and are as follows:

Topic 1: Understanding Gender Dysphoria

Topic 2: Intersectionality and Transgender Rights

Topic 3: Healthcare Access for Transgender People

 The available dates and times for each of these sessions are available at this link. Please fill out the form with the ones you wish to take part in.

 The topics of the 4th, 5th, and 6th topics are confirmed, though the content is not fully developed. 

Each session will be approx. 30 mins, though the calendar invites will be for 1 hour in order to allow time for questions at the end. You are welcome to leave at any time if you need to, and if you wish to rejoin later in the session that is also perfectly fine.