Supports for families and professionals to manage the COVID-19 Crisis

Posted on 22 Jun 2020

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, the stresses on families and young people increases, and many are more in need of support than ever. Over the last few months, Parents Plus have been supporting professionals and agencies to provide online and telephone support to families and young people who are struggling in these difficult times.

In addition, and given the number of requests for support from agencies, Parents Plus have also moved their Parenting and Mental Health training online. 

The next ‘Supporting parents online and by phone’ course is starting on 22 July. Click here for details.

New ONLINE Parents Plus Adolescent Programme training

Parents Plus have also set up a new online 'Parents Plus Adolescent Programme Facilitator Training'. This will run over five mornings, commencing on 21st of July, with a free introductory seminar on 2nd of July.  This evidence based course will run over five mornings and is suitable for Teachers, HSCL's, Family Support Workers and more. One of the advantages of online training is the increased accessibility and flexibility of delivery.  Furthermore, those of you already trained in Parents Plus programmes are communicating remarkable therapeutic benefits of facilitating the programmes online with families and young people.  With the Parents Plus DVDs available to stream and many extra resources online, programme delivery has never been easier.  See details here 

You can review the full Training Schedule, or email to discuss any of these trainings.

Resources for professionals and parents

In addition, Parents Plus have put together resources for parents and families to support them through the crisis including articles such as '16 tips to help you cope in the new world we live in' and 'how to talk to children about social distancing', as well as guidelines and pictorial aids for children with special needs, which have been produced by partner agencies.  See full set of resources here.

Please contact Parents Plus if there are any other supports you need and they would love to hear how you are all coping and managing services during this challenging time.

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