supportIT is helping kick start a child’s education by funding a ‘Computers for Schools’ in Africa programe with the Camara organisation

Posted on 24 Sep 2019

supportIT has been donating old computer hardware to social enterprise organisation, Camara, since 2013. Since it began 12 years ago Camara has enabled more than 2.6 million young people to achieve better educational outcomes and to improve their life opportunities, through raising and generating €24m, training 42,500 educators across 7,800 educational institutes and installing 106,500 computers and devices.

In April 2019, in conjunction with the Ethiopian Ministry of Education, Camara signed a further 3-year partnership agreement to train 5,040 educators; Install 21,000 computers in 840 schools and Impact 690,000 learners. As part of this, Camara approached their long-time contributors with the opportunity to have a have a direct impact on an individual school or youth centre.

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