SERVE Think Global Act Local programme in full swing

Posted on 28 Jun 2021

This year SERVE introduced a new programme called 'Think Global, Act Local' (TGAL). TGAL is an online global learning programme and is delivered using participatory and inclusive methods. TGAL is facilitated by mentors who have volunteered for SERVE and who have vital information shared from their own experiences in the Global South.

So far, we have held three Global Forum workshops since April 2021. There have been 20+ participants.

During these workshops the participants have met with many guest speakers:

• Vasco Cartó from Cork Crafts and his views on ethical consumption
• Inspirational James Leonard, from the Two Norries Podcast, discussed his life-changing experiences and how attitude and language can have a huge effect on people
• Thayane Carlos from the sustainable Cork Rooftop Farm in Cork City
Elton Sibanda shared his struggles in Direct Provision and his journey as an artist
• Past SERVE volunteer John McGeady, Justice Officer for the OLA Sisters shared insight on social and ecological justice with communities in Ireland and in the Global South. Click here to hear our Social Justice Matters podcast with John. 

The themes covered in TGAL so far are:

• Attitudes and Languages
• Personal Development
• Ethical Consumption
• Gender Equality
• Social Justice and Human Rights

Participants have been given material covering these themes and have been given challenges to work on. We have seen amazing work from our participants who have completed challenges so far.

In the future, we will be helping to prepare the participants to engage in volunteering and global citizenship actions through this programme supported by our mentors throughout. 

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