SDG Road Show - Bringing the Global Goals to your community - pedal powered!

Posted on 3 Jun 2021

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The SDG Road Show will kick off on the 21st of June and run until the 25th of June. DP CEO Bobby McCormack will set off from Co. Louth visiting areas across the East coast, while Saolta Project Officer Nick Doran will take off from Co Sligo touring the West Coast while making his way to meet Bobby in Moate.

Throughout the week both people will stop in towns along the way to host outdoor trainings introducing the public to the Global Goals, what they are and their importance, and their impact, locally.

The Sustainable Development Goals are a set of global commitments to end poverty, protect the planet and promote peace, justice and equality by 2030. Ireland played a unique and central role in the process which led to the agreement of these 17 goals which were signed up to by 193 UN member states. Along with these member states were over 8 million NGOs, civil society organisations and the private sector organisations which helped to develop, and subscribed to these ambitious targets.


June 21st

Bicycle 1 - Navan - Mullingar - Workshop: Mullingar Town Park at 7pm

Bicycle 2 - Longford - Workshop: Albert Reynolds Park at 7pm

June 22nd

Bicycle 1 and 2 - Moate and Tullamore - Workshop: Lloyd Town Park Tullamore at 7pm

June 23rd

Bicycle 1 - Portlaoise - Closed event

Bicycle 2 - Athenry - Workshop: Athenry Community Park at 7pm

June 24th

Bicycle 1 - Maynooth - Closed event

Bicycle 2 - Castlebar - Closed event

June 25th

Bicycle 1 - Dublin - Mosney - Closed event

Bicycle 2 - Sligo - Workshop: Doorly Park at 7pm

Please note, each workshop is limited to 12 people maximum.

All workshops will be outdoors and will follow current HSE guidelines.