RevitaLESE - New Social Economy project!

Posted on 3 May 2022

RevitaLESE is an exciting new Erasmus+ funded project that launched in February 2022. The Wheel is the lead partner in this new programme.

Partners are located across 6 EU countries:

  • The Wheel (Ireland)
  • Act Grupa (Croatia)
  • Synthesis Center for Research and Innovation (Cyprus)
  • Social Innovation Centre (Latvia)
  • Skills Zone (Malta)
  • Knowl Social Enterprise for Education and Lifelong Learning (Greece)
  • Dublin City University (Ireland)

The key objective of the project is to highlight the importance of, engage with and assist to improve and revitalize the social mission and business model and activities of LESE (long established social economy) organisations.

The project seeks to allow partners to broaden their knowledge of LESE and the Social Economy both locally and across Europe. There will be a training programme developed which will be made widely available so that LESE across Europe can get assistance where currently little exists.

Follow the RevitaLESE project on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay up to date over the next 2 years! View the first project newsletter (April 2022) here.