The Prevention and Early Intervention Network - Inviting Membership Applications

Posted on 29 Apr 2020

The Prevention and Early Intervention Network is a national network of individuals and organisations working or interested in PEI.

PEIN's purpose is to:

  • Share, develop and disseminate learning in PEI practices and approaches;
  • Support the work of members / member organisations;
  • Influence policy and practice, nationally, internationally as well as locally

To date, PEIN has helped our members benefit from and contribute to the knowledge and expertise in PEI innovation in Ireland today.

Some of the main benefits to joining PEIN include:

  • Being part of a well-recognised national voice that is led by its members and works collectively to achieve real change for children and families.
  • Informing PEIN research, shape PEIN policy, submissions, reports and agendas
  • Opportunities to participate in study visits, networking and learning spaces

Please sign-up to PEIN today to learn, share, challenge and collaborate in a supportive environment which seeks to promote effective approaches and provide a collective voice for the sector.

Contact: PEIN Coordinator, Lyndsey Anderson

Website: |  | Mobile: 087 762 6831