Podcast Series: Get Global - Global Health Talks

Posted on 26 Jul 2021

Podcast Series: Get Global - Global Health Talks


The Irish Global Health Network is hosting a monthly podcast series entitled Get Global – Global Health Talks as part of its live event series in 2021.

The show was designed to get up close and personal with leading global health advocates from Ireland and around the world. The podcast is brought to you by the Irish Global Health Network and hosted by its Executive Director, Nadine Ferris France.

Produced by Joan Bolger and Edited by Stephen Rooney.

The podcast is available on Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and YouTube. 

Listen on Soundcloud Here: https://soundcloud.com/irish-globalhealthnetwork/sets

Listen on Spotify Here: https://open.spotify.com/show/7uJm7E8hOQG9HAVwFjNHZy?si=CNv81CcXSZmRR_I9mBxy8A&dl_branch=1 

Current Episodes:

  • Global Health Talks with Dr Brendan O'Shea - Episode 1
    • In this episode, General Practitioner Dr Brendan O’Shea talks all things global health. Listen to an Irish GP’s perspective: how he got involved in global health; details on specific projects and importantly his advice to younger generations aspiring to a future of working in global health.  
  • Global Health Talks with Robbie Lawlor - Episode 2
    • In this episode, Robbie Lawlor, HIV Activist and founding member of Access to Medicines Ireland, describes his path into working on HIV projects overseas and in Ireland. Robbie discusses issues like HIV and stigma; intellectual property rights and patents in relation to HIV treatments; and the urgency on Big Pharma to adopt measures to roll out the tech and know-how in helping to open up COVID-19 vaccine production worldwide.
  • Global Health Talks with Dr Ciara Conlan - Episode 3
    • In this episode, Dr Ciara Conlan, Co-founder of Access to Medicines Ireland, discusses her decision to study medicine, her early career and how Access to Medicines Ireland came about. She also discusses intellectual property law and patent rights in the context of Covid-19 vaccine production and vaccine equity.
  • Global Health Talks with Prof Anne Matthews - Episode 4
    • In this episode, Professor Anne Matthews shares her experience of working in the global health field, from studying and teaching as a nurse and midwife, to living and working in Malawi and becoming the chair of the Irish Global Health Network’s board.