Planning for 2023 Workshop 18th October @10am

Posted on 19 Sep 2022

Strategic Planning might sound scary but putting in place a practical plan for your fundraising, projects and organisation for the next year makes you much more likely to achieve your goals.

This workshop will walk you through the key steps to creating a practical, realistic plan that you can achieve in 2023 (and help you avoid some of the big mistakes)

We'll cover:

  • Setting goals 
  • Being clear on your chosen direction
  • Diversifying income income - corporate, events, online, grants, appeals etc
  • Planning your projects and timelines
  • Adapting to change

We're anticipating huge demand for this session so we're running it twice! There is a day time session on the 18th October and an evening one on the 19th. Both sessions will be the same. Sessions will be delivered online and there will be lots of time to ask questions, get advice and share experiences with other attendees.

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Course Tutor: Kevin Delaney

Kevin has over 16 years experience working with and for nonprofit organisations in Ireland, New Zealand and across the world. He has an in-depth knowledge of the theory and practice of fundraising and non profit leadership combining 10 years of delivering training with hands-on experience of nonprofit senior management, fundraising, volunteer management and strategy.

Kevin has addressed  conferences in Dublin, London, Amsterdam, Rome, Nashville & Oslo and is widely recognised as an engaging, knowledgeable and inspiring tutor.