Opposites Attract. Oh yeah clever clogs?  Well if that’s true where does all the conflict in the world come from then? Free Zoom Webinar – Wednesday 29 June

Posted on 21 Jun 2022

Opposites Attract.

Oh yeah clever clogs?  Well if that’s true where does all the conflict in the world come from then?

Free Zoom Webinar – Wednesday 29 June 7–8.30pm

We often use expressions to describe situations or events that happen simply because, well we’ve always used them so they must be true right?

But are they?

And is this one of – opposites attract – true where building sustainable relationships and resolving conflict is concerned?

For imagine if you will an advert in the lonely-hearts column or on some dating app.

Kind, sensitive, sharing, warm, deep, human seeks opposite i.e. cruel, insensitive, selfish, cold, shallow, inhuman alien!!

It doesn’t really work when you look at it does it? I certainly wouldn’t bet on that particular relationship working out and it could end in tears more likely.

In fact when we do find ourselves in conflict it is because we see each other as opposites for the very reason that we don’t agree, see eye to eye, have different perceptions, needs, interests, positions and requirements.  Opposites in fact repel each other or avoid each other if possible.

You don’t see herds of Zebra roaming the savannahs of Africa desperately trying to attract the attention of lions. Or different species of animals getting bored with their own species and wondering what it would be like to try something completely different and mate with another species altogether.

What do you get when you cross a cat with a dog?

You don’t!  That’s maybe why we have the expression: it’s raining cats and dogs!  😊

In this free Zoom Webinar we shall be taking a deeper look behind the veil of the saying – opposites attract – and exploring some simple and practical truths as to what makes relationships of all kinds attractive and sustainable, and how when we get into conflict in those relationships we don’t start to view and treat each other as opposites but rather try and find collaborative and co-operative ways of problem solving and solution finding.  TOGETHER!

Different doesn’t need to mean opposite.

And different with is better than different from.

This Webinar forms part of a series on Sustainable Relationships and Resolving Conflict but it is not necessary to have attended any previous Webinars as they are designed as stand-alone events.

Facilitator: Tony Kearney

Tony grew up in New Zealand where he trained as a solicitor. He then worked as a solicitor in London for over 20 years before moving to Ireland in 2006 to further his work around building sustainable relations into the future. This includes planting a forest on the farm where he now lives and acting as a Mediator in workplace, community, schools, family, and commercial disputes. Tony is also a skilled facilitator and trainer and runs many training and other events and is the author of five books.

It is not necessary to have attended any of the previous Webinars to join the process as they are all designed as stand-alone events.

To register for this Webinar or find out more email Tony at: tony.kearney6@gmail.com