Official Launch of the PEACE Programmes Learning Platform, 15 Sept

Posted on 31 Aug 2021

What is the PEACE Programmes Learning Platform?

The PEACE Programmes Learning Platform is an online, publicly available, digital archive/repository of information, providing a detailed overview of all activity, research, outputs and impact of over 22,500 peace and reconciliation projects from across Northern Ireland and the border counties of Ireland.

Who is it for?

It has been designed to share the lessons and lived experiences of peace-building and provide information to support academics, researchers and those currently involved in peace and reconciliation work at a local, regional and international level.

It is also available to all other citizens interested in the impact that the PEACE Programme has had since it was first created in 1995.

How was it created?

Extensive desk research and consultations were carried out to inform the content of the Platform.

Thousands of files and folders were identified, indexed and quality checked, including a large number of old VHS tapes and audio recordings, which were digitised and are now stored within the Platform.

Individually, almost 100,000 pages of information have been physically scanned and made searchable.

What type of information does it store?

As a ‘living’ archive, the Platform will continue to grow and develop, however, it currently holds thousands of files, including:

  • Project case studies;
  • Project evaluations;
  • Research Documents and Reports;
  • Audio-recordings;
  • Films;
  • Photographs and Images;
  • Press coverage;
  • Publicity and Promotion Materials.

The Platform will be launched on Tuesday 15 September 2021. 

Watch the live event here on the day