NEW - HUGG MEN - Suicide Bereavement Support Group Launched

Posted on 12 Jun 2024

HUGG has launched an online dedicated suicide bereavement support group for men, which will be led by trained HUGG Volunteers, Alan Martin, John Murphy and Clive Jackson. 

Significantly fewer men than women access suicide bereavement support services. However, it is vital that men know that accessing support can be lifesaving, that their grief is valid and they deserve help.

Fiona Tuomey, HUGG Founder and CEO, stated “We want men to know understanding their grief and connecting with others can be lifesaving. They may carry unanswered questions, stigma, self-isolation and blame, in addition to the trauma of losing their loved one. We also know that dedicated support can help alleviate these impacts. Therefore, HUGG is launching its first dedicated male only suicide bereavement support group, led by men for men.”

Know your numbers because men’s health counts

The impact of a suicide ripples outwards often negatively affecting the mental health and quality of life of the suicide bereaved.  AfterWords,  the national survey of people bereaved by suicide in Ireland  conducted by HUGG and the National Suicide Research Foundation, found unhealthy coping habits such as the use of alcohol, drugs and gambling more prevalent among suicide bereaved men, than women.  Following a death by suicide 65% of men experienced mental health problems; 40% used alcohol to cope with their grief; 33% reported problems with family relationships and 28% said their physical health deteriorated. 

Commenting on the launch of HUGG Men Marie McKeon, HUGG Groups Manager said, “The HUGG Men support group will explore themes focused on suicide grief, grieving styles and healthy coping strategies. It will give men a safe space to connect, to normalise their grief and discuss challenges and helpful tools to living life beyond grief and into hope.”

John Murphy, a HUGG Men support group volunteer reflected, “After losing my brother and four first cousins to suicide I know the pain of suicide loss. Connecting with others who understood my pain helped enormously and I want to pass this message on.”

For more details about joining the HUGG Men support group, complete the online form at or Email: or call 01 513 4048 (monitored answering machine).