A new digital Playhouse- Peacebuilding and Arts Broadcast live

Posted on 18 Aug 2020

A new chapter is starting at The Playhouse. New live broadcasting means The Playhouse will keep telling incredible stories & delivering arts to the community. So come play in the new #DigitalPlayhouse

The new live productions and events include performances of the untold stories of victims and survivors of the Troubles, the experiences of LGTBQ+ people living in Northern Ireland, and an international peacebuilding conference.

Our work will return on 28 August with Proud to Be / Beyond the Labels of Me, exploring the diverse experiences of the LGBTQ+ community.

The next production 16 September 2020, will be Anything Can Happen 1972: Voices from the heart of the Troubles by Damian Gorman, will present extraordinary, previously-unheard stories about experiences of Northern Ireland in 1972. As part of the production, those who have lost people in the Troubles, due to Covid-19, or in any circumstance, are invited to contribute, by sending objects or photographs of significance or importance to them, to be placed on the other 130 empty chairs in our theatre. This act is so that the chairs have, other than absence, something very significant and important on them, to be lit by theatre lights in an act echoing Seamus Heaney’s famous work Mossbawn: Two Poems in Dedication, in which he describes ‘a sunlit absence’.

This will be followed by The Art in the place of Conflict Conference on 17 September 2020. Acclaimed artists and theatre-makers such as John Paul Lederach, Photographer Giles Duley, Teya Sepinuck of Theatre of Witness, Hector Aristizabal, founder of Imaginaction, activist Khaled Barakeh, Jo Egan, Laurence McKeown, Conan McIvor and Ailin Conant will talk about their work in addressing social change.

The surreal world of The Battle of The Bogside, 1969, will then be explored in the live broadcast of a dramatic reading of ‘Beyond the Barricades’, a play by Micheal Kerrigan. Directed by Anne Crilly on Wednesday 30 September 2020.

Watch at www.derryplayhouse.co.uk

Trailer- https://youtu.be/y8d1jMHaiOQ