New and Updated for 2020 - Urban Regeneration & Neighbourhood Renewal Seminar

Posted on 5 Feb 2020

Ray Holden, a specialist practitioner and researcher in urban regeneration and neighbourhood renewal is pleased to announce a new and updated series of training seminar days aimed at people working towards the revitalisation of our towns, cities and neighbourhoods across the country. 

Ideal for those involved in initiatives to assist with local neighbourhood and community renewal, and those who are researching urban localities, these day long sessions will provide an ideal opportunity to learn about good practice in this policy area and network with others committed to urban and neighbourhood regeneration.  

The training seminars will be held in 2019 and 2020 at the following locations:

Dublin – 22 June 2020

Cork – 23 June 2020

Limerick – 24 June  2020

Galway – 26 June 2020

Each place on the seminars is costed at Euro 250 and includes a free copy of our ‘Urban and Neighbourhood Good Practice Guide’ together with a copy of the seminal book on our urban areas from 2016. ‘Nobody Cares, Forgotten Parts of British Cities’ by Ray Holden. Details of the training sessions are here.

To book a place please email and necessary arrangements will be made. The training can also be delivered in house to all of your staff for a flat fee of Euro 850.