Leading international researcher in Childhood Disability to give a series of seminars for professionals and families living with Dyspraxia / DCD

Posted on 9 Jul 2018

Leading international researcher in Childhood Disability to give a series of seminars for professionals and families living with Dyspraxia / DCD

Dyspraxia / DCD Ireland are delighted to announce a number of events will be held this summer in preparation for a new educational model, due to be piloted in Irish schools from September.

On July 3rd and 4th, globally recognised researcher, Professor Cheryl Missiuna travels to Dublin to discuss the ‘Partnering For Change’ (P4C) programme, which was established in Canada in 2013.
‘Partnering for Change’ is an innovative model which provides rehabilitation services in schools for children with special needs, including developmental coordination disorder. Known as P4C in Canada, the programme has resulted in positive outcomes for children, families, educators, OTs and the healthcare and education systems.
As a similar programme is being piloted in Irish schools from September, Professor Missiuna, a founding member of P4C, will provide insights to Irish audiences on the programme’s implementation.
Professor Cheryl Missiuna says: 
“I’m delighted to travel to Dublin to share my experiences of how schools and the health services can work together to provide young people with the best possible educational experience. A similar scheme has been developed in Canada and it has proved very successful. I look forward to sharing my experience with an Irish audience.” 
Commenting on the events, Rosie Bissett, Chairperson of Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland, said: 
"We look forward to this model being introduced to Irish schools and I’ve no doubt that Professor Missiuna will give an insightful and informative talk on how Ireland can learn from the Canadian model.”  
Events Details

Address:           Ashling Hotel, Parkgate Street, Dublin 8

Event 1:            Tuesday 3rd July from 7.30pm-9.30pm

Event 2:            Wednesday 4th July from 10am-12pm

Tickets:            €25.00

Log on to www.dyspraxia.ie or call 01 874 7085 for further information

About Dyspraxia /DCD

Dyspraxia/DCD is a common disorder affecting fine and/or gross motor coordination in children and adults. Dyspraxia/DCD can affect speech, organisation, planning, sequencing, working memory and various other psychological, emotional and social problems. It is estimated that dyspraxia affects up to 8% of the population but due to its varied symptoms, it can often go undiagnosed.

There is no cure for dyspraxia, but the earlier a child is treated, the greater the chance of improvement will be.  A lot of the skills that people take for granted will never become automatic for children with Dyspraxia, so they will have to be taught these skills. Occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and extra help at school can all assist these children with coping or overcoming many of the difficulties they face.

Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland aims to ensure that adequate resources are available, including occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, psychological support and education.