Join GoogleServe - Google Ireland’s Annual Month of Volunteering for Irish Charities

Posted on 31 May 2021

GoogleServe is back!

Google Serve

GoogleServe is Google’s annual volunteering initiative - it is an opportunity for you to recruit Googler volunteers to help you with your organisation's needs, including but not limited to: 

  • Career readiness training (e.g. mock interviews, CV reviews, mentorship etc.)
  • Education support (e.g. tutoring, coding, robotics/VR tours with students etc.)
  • Wellness or inclusion opportunities (e.g. virtual visits with older people, language training, document translation) 
  • Personalised help with Google tools (e.g. getting started with Google Workspace, using Google Docs/Sheets/Slides/Sites, etc)
  • Thinking of new creative fundraising campaigns, generating online awareness campaigns, assistance with events organising
  • Optimising Google Ads, help with online marketing strategies

Participating in GoogleServe is an easy process:

  1. You sign up in this form to express your interest and explain the kind of help you require from Google volunteers.
    1. Be as specific as possible, as Googlers are more eager to sign up to opportunities where the ask from them is clear.
    2. You can request to receive help virtually throughout June and until mid-July 2021.
    3. If your organization needs help with activities that require physical attendance of volunteers (e.g. open space clean ups and beautification), feel free to add them in the form. However, due to continuing Covid restrictions, please note that it will not be possible to get help for those activities immediately, but the GoogleServe team will keep these activities in mind for future opportunities and will reach out to you when restrictions allow them.
  2. The GoogleServe team will spread the word about your request(s) internally, using the Benevity platform to recruit Googler volunteers for you. 
  3. Once Googler volunteers sign up to help you, you will be notified by Benevity, and you can get in contact with the volunteers to arrange the specifics.
  4. If you are registered in Benevity, you gain $10 for every hour each Googler volunteers with your charity.

If you are planning to participate in this year's GoogleServe, please ensure that you are registered in Benevity, the platform Google employees use to support charities by donating and volunteering. The advantages for your charity are:

  • Your charity gains $10 for every hour a Googler volunteers with you
  • Your charity is eligible for donations by Google employees during the company's annual giving campaigns, and donations may even be matched 100% by the company 

If you are not registered, please visit and click "Register Now" to complete your registration ASAP, as the process may take a few weeks to be completed. Follow the instructions available here. If you have registered more than a year ago, sign in to your Benevity account and renew any expired information. If you are not eligible to register in Benevity, please email for additional instructions. 

If you have any questions, please reach out directly to - the GoogleServe Ireland team will be happy to assist you!