IT Work Experience Opportunity for Young People

Posted on 20 Jan 2023 Last updated on 24 Jan 2023

The Ballymun Job Centre with the support of JPMorgan Chase have developed an IT Work Experience Enterprise (WEE) project to provide individuals with the opportunity to gain hands on experience in a simulated IT work environment. 

Too many young people are struggling to enter the workforce or are entering the workforce without the skills or experiences they need to succeed. This creates a labour market dilemma for many young people, who cannot get a job without work experience, and cannot develop experience without a job.   

This new project will provide participants with a unique opportunity to envision themselves working in an IT-related company. Individuals will participate in the WEE simulated work environment for up to four months. In addition to working on an IT project, participants will also undertake modules to enhance their soft and hard skills. The WEE project will afford participants the opportunity to demonstrate and grow their abilities and interests while fostering and developing pathways to a career in the IT sector. 

The work experience programme will take place in DCU Talent Garden. 

Participant entry requirements

Participants need a good level of IT skill 

Participants need to be motivated 

Must have a genuine interest in gaining some valuable work experience in the IT sector. 

Participants will maintain the Social Welfare payment while on the programme if they meet the below eligibility. 

  • Jobseekers, unemployed for 6 months or more in receipt of JA/JB/JBSE, with time spent on CE, SWA, SWA, RSS, TUS and PUP counting towards that eligibility, but they must transfer to an eligible payment first  

  • OFP, JST, DA and Blind Person are also permitted – no minimum period required. 

  The Work Experience Enterprise will start in January 2023 and is open for applications NOW. Contact Martina Keogh on or +353(87) 3654725. To learn more and to register see