Introducing GETDigital 2021 (12-16 Apr)

Posted on 6 Apr 2021

Welcome to GETDigital 2021

60+ Speakers | 35 Sessions | 5 Days

12-16 April 2021 | Zoom Webinar | Free Registration

Digital technologies are transforming how we live, work and play. This free virtual conference is designed to discuss how entrepreneurs and businesses can harness these digital technologies to achieve their business goals. Whether you're looking for insights into marketing, e-commerce, strategy or even some inspiration, GETDigital has something for everyone. 

All sessions are delivered via Zoom and registration for each session is required.

Are you currently experiencing any issues with social media, content marketing, SEO, e-commerce or paid advertising activities? A panel of experts and industry practitioners will be available from 11:45 - 12:45 every morning to answer your questions.

(DAY 1) 

  • 09:00 - The Future Of Local Media & Advertising In A FANG Dominated World, Paul Farrell [MD, Virgin Media TV]
  • 10:30 - Why Digital Solutions Are A Bit Sh*#e, Alex Meisl [Co-Founder, Grey Hair Works]
  • 11:45 - Ask Me Anything [Social Media]
  • 13:00 - Big Beer To Craft Brew, Bob Coggins [Commercial Director, The White Hag]
  • 14:30 - #100consent - How Pluto & DRCC Leveraged TikTok To Reach A Youth Audience, Cormac McCann [Creative Director, Pluto] & Deirdre O'Sullivan [Senior Account Manager, Pluto]
  • 15:45 - Title TBC, Mark Mullooly [Business Director, SuperUnion]
  • 17:00 - You Need Human Data & Customer Insights To Transform CX…During COVID-19, and Beyond, Ernan Roman [President, ERDM Core]

(DAY 2) 

  • 09:15 - Title TBC, Brian Herron [Principle UX Designer, Each&Other]
  • 10:30 - Get Real Or Get Lost: Creating Great Content For Social Media, Hannah Corkey [Senior Digital Strategist, Edelman Ireland]
  • 11:45 - Ask Me Anything [Content Marketing]
  • 13:00 - Top Tips For Your CV & Cover Letter, Sharon Burke [Careers Consultant, DCU]
  • 14:30 - Growing Kerrygold In America In A Fragmented Media Landscape, Brian Cleere [Marketing Director, Kerrygold / Ornua Foods North America]
  • 15:45 - The Wolfgang View On The State Of E-Commerce In 2021, Alan Coleman [CEO, Wolfgang Digital]
  • 17:00 - Limits Exist Only In Our Minds, Hannah Shields [Adventurer]

(DAY 3)

  • 09:15 - Chatbots Uncovered - What, Where & How, Ronan Dalton [Cloud/AI Solutions Architect, IBM Ireland]
  • 10:30 - The Power Of Podcasts: The Complete Guide To Creating, Producing & Growing A Podcast In 2021, Gary Fox [Founder, HostButlers & Podcast Host, The Entrepreneur Experiment]
  • 11:45 - Ask Me Anything [SEO]
  • 13:00 - How To Best Work With Recruitment Agencies & Digital Job Search Strategies, Laura Smyth [Managing Director, Top Tier Recruitment]
  • 14:30 - Technical Leadership - Putting Technical Leadership Back Into Digital Business, Josh Holmes [Dev Lead & Evangelist, Microsoft]
  • 15:45 - Title TBC, John Danner [Bestselling Author & Senior Fellow, BerkeleyHaas]
  • 17:00 - Title TBC, Eric Weaver [CEO, Transparent Path]

(DAY 4)

  • 09:15 - IKEA Digital Products: An Overview Of How IKEA Is Evolving As A Traditional Brick & Mortar & Using Digital Products To Meet The Needs Of Their Customers, Ciara Dolan [Product Owner, Food, IKEA Digital Hub Madrid]
  • 10:30 - Elevate Your Business With Marketing Automation, Martin Hennig [Senior Digital Transformation / Business Consultant, NoA Connect]
  • 11:45 - Ask Me Anything [E-Commerce]
  • 13:00 - Personal Branding, Siobhan O'Shea [Client Services Director, Cpl]
  • 14:30 - Caveat Emptor (Male Disposuerat Venditionis Experitur) * [Buyer Beware (Poorly Designed Selling Experiences)], Mark Congiusta [Senior User Experience Manager, Amazon]
  • 15:45 - Title TBC, Evan Fishkin [Partner, Logic Inbound Marketing]
  • 17:00 - Title TBC, Gerry Duffy [Motivational Speaker & Goal Setting Coach]

(DAY 5) 

  • 09:15 - How Not To Take Things Personally, Frederik Imbo [Actor, Producer & Motivational Speaker, Imboorling]
  • 10:30 - Growing An Audience While Our Doors Are Closed, Darragh Doyle [Head of Communications, EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum] & Rebecca Humphrey [Social Media Lead, EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum]
  • 11:45 - Ask Me Anything [Paid Marketing]
  • 13:00 - What To Expect To Be Asked In An Interview For Digital Roles?, Michaela Simpson [Head of Content, Wolfgang Digital] & Louise Kiernan [Talent Acquisition Manager, eShopWorld]
  • 14:30 - Just Evil Enough, Alistair Croll [Entrepreneur & Author] & Emily Ross [CEO, Inkvine Communications]
  • 15:45 - Building Trust In Brands During COVID-19, Darragh Rea [Senior Director, Edelman Ireland] & Penelope Mantzaris [Senior VP, Edelman Data and Intelligence]
  • 17:00 - Cyborgs, Starbucks & Space-Aged Scotch: The Beginning Of The End of Government & The Rise Of A New Social Order, Amy Zalman [Futurist & CEO, Prescient]

Organised by The Irish Institute of Digital Business

The Irish Institute of Digital Business (dotLAB) is an institutional research centre located in Dublin City University