IGRO Conference - INTEGRITY, HUMANITY, DESTRUCTIVENESS (Leading in Organisations within and beyond Boundaries)

Sunday 14 - Thursday 18 April | Emmaus Retreat and Conference Centre, Ennis Lane, Lissenhall, Swords, Co Dublin.

Irish Group Relations Organisation (IGRO) is delighted to invite you to participate in its 2019 international Group Relations Conference (GRC). This is the  tenth Conference and represents an important milestone in their work and efforts to embed Group Relations in Ireland.

The Conference theme and image set against a backdrop of societal disturbances, captures the tense interplay of humanity, integrity and destructiveness that are ever present in organisations. It conveys something of the positively containing, as well as the destructively painful aspects of boundaries, both inside the organisation and in its external environment. The challenge for leaders / managers is to be aware of these very powerful dynamics and to find a way of integrating and working with them. Only then, will they be able to lead and manage with compassion, care and creativity.

This Group Relations Conference is designed to be of benefit to a range of people working with groups and teams, in particular those in the role of leader, manager, consultant, coach, group worker. It is open to those working in all sectors of the economy and society. We know from experience that the more diverse the ‘membership’ the richer and deeper the learning tends to be.

The Conference, including accommodation and meals, will take place in the Emmaus Retreat and Conference Centre, Ennis Lane, Lissenhall, Swords, Co Dublin.
This is a short journey from Dublin city and easily accessible from Dublin airport and the M50 and M1 motorways. Please consult the Emmaus website for more information and transport links:


To secure a place at the Conference, please download the registration form at www.igro.ie/register.docx

Complete the form in Word format, email it to clarkgo2014@gmail.com and make the appropriate payment.