Gift With Purpose this Christmas

Posted on 10 Nov 2022

Sponsor a School Garden this Christmas

In lieu of Christmas gifts this year, you can choose to inspire a generation of primary school pupils, by sponsoring a School Garden. 

GIY's are a social enterprise delivering food growing programmes to schools, communities, homes & workplaces around Ireland. GIY's GROW at School programme provides a school garden to primary schools across Ireland, helping students develop a deeper understanding of where healthy, sustainable food comes from, and changing children's attitudes, and behaviour around food & the environment.  

You can be a part of a movement that will see food literacy, health and sustainability put at the heart of the school system, through garden-based learning, hands-on growing experiences, and curriculum-linked educational resources.

 Every €2,000 donation supports a school garden and access to the GROW At School food growing & food education programme for a school. 

 €1,000 supports the teacher training programme. See how you can really give beyond Christmas and choose to gift with purpose this year. 

 Every €500 supports a year's worth of soil and seeds 
Learn more about our in-lieu gifting options at or contact for more details.

If you'd like to get your hands into the soil, we also have fantastic festive GROWBoxes to start your teams on their growing journey as well as a host of online courses to sow the seeds of sustainability for your colleagues! Check out all our gifting options at

Gift with purpose- a €500 gift voucher

Gift a Garden €1000 voucher

Gift a Garden €2000 voucher