Fundraising Programme for Smaller Nonprofits

Posted on 24 Nov 2021

Bigger, Bolder, Fundraising is Back for January 2022!!

The Bigger, Better, Bolder Fundraising programme comprises 7 individual modules.

Each module will address a different area of fundraising. Together the 7 modules will provide a comprehensive training programme for small organisations who want to develop a diverse and effective fundraising programme.

Each module follows a similar structure - Intro to the topic, advantages and challenges of this type of fundraising, case studies, applying these strategies in smaller organisations, measuring success. This structure invites participants to engage with areas of fundraising that they are not as familiar with and to understand it in the context of what programmes they already run.

In addition to the 7 core modules the programme includes a series of discussion/networking opportunities for all participants. Experience has shown us that fundraisers benefit from the opportunity to discuss their experiences with each other, ask questions and build relationships with others who are in similar roles. These relationships last long after the programme has been completed and is a key part of the participants professional development.

Programme Modules 

FR 101 - Introduction to Fundraising - 13th January

What is fundraising? / Crafting your fundraising ask / What are the different methods of fundraising? / Role of staff and board in Fundraising / Donor Care

 FR 102 - Community Fundraising & Events - 20th January

What is community fundraising? / Community led versus produced events / Engaging participants / Retention / Life cycle of activities

 FR 103 - Individual Giving - 27th January

Direct Marketing / Direct response / Building a sustainable donor base / Retention / donor journey

 FR 104 - Digital Fundraising - 3rd Feb

What is digital fundraising? / Web, newsletter, social media channels / Developing your digital journey / converting likes to Euro

 FR 105 - Major Donors & Legacies - 10th Feb

What is a major donor to you? / Relationship building / Making an ask / Introducing a legacy programme / measuring impact

 FR 106 - Corporate Fundraising & Grants - 17th Feb

What is corporate fundraising? / Understanding what the funder wants to fund /  Making an ask / crafting a proposal / feedback

 FR 107 - Creating a Fundraising Strategy - 24th Feb

How much do you need to raise and why? / What are other organisations doing? /  What are your strengths and weaknesses as an organisation? / What types of   fundraising is a good fit for your organisation? / Planning / reporting

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