Free practical resources for NGOs to raise support from SMEs through CSR

Posted on 1 Aug 2019

The ‘CoOp- Cooperate to Operate’ project is now complete and all the resources are online for you to use!

The CoOp project was as2-year, Erasmus+ funded KA2 project, designed to enhance the collaboration between Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and youth organizations. The goal of the project was to support youth workers and youth organisations to diversify their funding sources and attract investments from the business sector, by upskilling them in the field of CSR & Fundraising from SMEs, as well as introducing the sector to other, non-financial forms of Corporate support.

Many resources were created in each country, as well as some comparative reports; they can all be found here on the project website

  • while the Vlog provides inspiration (including 2 great videos showcasing Irish CSR Best Practice – see below),
  • the Research Reports and the Best Practice Guides provide background information;
  • the ‘Ready Tools’ offer the Youth Sector simple, practical templates to plan their Fundraising;
  • the Training Toolkit is a substantial manual that allows youth work staff to train each other around CSR;
  • finally the Policy Briefs gather recommendations to support the development of CSR between SMEs and Youth NGOs.

If you have any questions or comments about the project, please contact Anne L’Henoret, YWI Development Manager and CoOp Project Lead for Ireland, on or 087 95 45 777