Free Online Event for Disabled People, 13 June

Posted on 19 May 2023 Last updated on 23 May 2023


Governance for Change: what supports are available for disabled people to take up lead roles in organisations?

Interested in finding out more? Join ILMI for a Zoom discussion on governance and to begin to explore what supports disabled people might access to take on local and national board roles and to build inclusion into structures. This discussion will take place on Zoom from 11am to 1pm on Tuesday 13 June.

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ILMI’s vision is an Ireland where disabled persons have freedom, choice and control over all aspects of their lives and can fully participate in an inclusive society as equals. Building an inclusive society will ensure that disabled people have the power to inform how systems and services are designed and delivered. Inclusion will be achieved by disabled people being empowered to sit on boards and committees that make decisions about how public resources and systems are designed and delivered.

As a national Disabled Persons Organisation (DPO), ILMI is consistently lobbying for greater inclusion of disabled people in those conversations locally and nationally. We also recognise that due to systemic exclusion many disabled people have not had the chance to explore how they could bring their skills to organisations.

ILMI is committed to building the collective expertise of disabled people who are interested in taking on Governance roles. Training and support will be provided to explore governance, the roles of boards, charity regulation and how to apply for governance roles. There will be no cost for this training, but places will be limited, and anyone interested in participating will be asked to commit to the full programme of supports.