Finding the Sustainable You Inside the Messy Business Called Living, 23 Nov

Posted on 15 Nov 2021

Finding the Sustainable You Inside the Messy Business Called Living - Free Zoom Webinar on Tuesday, 23 November 7.00 -8.30pm.

Human life is a rather strange business when you come to think about it.  We are all born into this life without any kind of road map, and then we have to try and find ways and means to navigate our way through all the ups and downs that come our way. And somehow within it all try and find some kind of purpose, meaning and even sanity, because some of what gets thrown at us is, to say the least, pretty weird.

With Sustainability being the buzz word of these times in terms of needing to find successful ways to live on this tiny blue marble that floats through space that are kind, fair and natural so that not only can it and we survive together into the future but maybe even thrive.

The analogy of this bigger picture view applies just as equally and powerfully in the close in world of our own relationships and especially the one we have with ourselves.

How can I find sustainable ways of living in my own life at every level that mean I don’t just survive and exist but thrive, give, be happy and celebrate the gift that life surely is? And have rewarding relationships with other people, and find successful strategies for dealing with conflict when it can and does occur?

All conflicts in the world begin somewhere inside a person and so who knows, if we can all find ways of resolving those inner conflicts we might just find that that helps resolve some if not many of the outer ones too?

In this the latest of a series of free Zoom Webinars into the theme of Sustainable Relationships and Resolving Conflict we shall be looking at some simple yet very powerful concepts, processes and practical ways and means whereby we can all find the Human Being inside each and every one of us and maybe not get quite so lost in the Human Doing world that is so very easy to do.

The Webinar is free, and although part of a series, each Webinar is a stand-alone engagement and so it is not needed to have attended any previous ones to hopefully attain the benefits of this one.

Facilitator: Tony Kearney

Tony grew up in New Zealand where he trained as a solicitor. He then worked as a solicitor in London for over 20 years before moving to Ireland in 2006 to further his work around building sustainable relations into the future. This includes planting a forest on the farm where he now lives and acting as a Mediator in workplace, community, schools, family, and commercial disputes. Tony is also a skilled facilitator and trainer and runs many training and other events and is the author of five books. 

It is not necessary to have attended any of the previous Webinars to join the process as they are all designed as stand-alone events.

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